About Us

Crangon Holding BV is a modern company that is rooted in 2014 of history but is projected towards innovation and the future. Going beyond the normal standards of professionalism and aiming for excellence, in its various meanings, so as to be able to compare with absolute tranquility the iron and metal recycling industry to a high and noble activity, such as art.

With our consistently high levels of integrity, we stand out in the industry with our advanced recycling and processing solutions.

Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both nationally and internationally to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.

Innovative Solutions

At Crangon Holding BV we pride ourselves on innovative thinking, by providing our customers with the most state of the art equipment available in the industry today. By specializing in scrap metal recycling and brokerage we can provide an orderly flow of scrap metal from the manufacturing through to the recycling process so it may be used again for the industry.

As new technologies emerge for additional materials,we always look to broaden our portfolio even further.

Our Committment To You

We understand that the manner in which we serve our customers is equally as important as the services we provide. By conducting business with integrity, responsibility and concern for the environment, we provide maximum value to our customers and create a safe workplace for employees, and set a strong ethical example for others in our industry.

We understand the importance of recycling to the local economy as well as the global trade market. By processing millions of tons of scrap each year, We aids in meeting the demands of both domestic and international Recycling companies. We closely monitor market trends to offer our customers the most competitive prices, and create strong customer relationships through honesty and integrity. Our facilities are designed with safety and efficiency in mind for both employees and customers. Our equipment is maintained and updated regularly and our scales are calibrated quarterly. Several of our facilities employ state-of-the-art Mega-Shredders that shred large volumes of metal in just seconds, supplying a refined form of ferrous metal that steel mills prefer. 

Our innovations include an industry-first sorting system designed to improve our ability to recover aluminum, brass and other non-ferrous metals from the shredded ferrous material. The impact recycling has on our environment is of great concern to us. We are responsible for diverting millions of tons of material away from our landfills, resulting in cleaner air and water for everyone. We strive to improve on our current technology and are finding innovative ways of increasing the percentages of scrap recycled. The mission of Crangon Holding BV is to redefine the Scrap Metal Industry to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities by being the industry leader in safety and environmental compliance, by building lasting customer relationships, by fostering professional growth for our employees, and by sharing our success with the community.

We use the latest and best technology for processing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and guarantee total accuracy in our weighing.

Experience You Can Trust

#. Crangon Holding BV is a leading provider of recycling solutions and services within the Europe.
#. Proudly serving and working with small and large commercial businesses, demolition contractors, general contractors, other recycling facilities, and the general public
#. With our industry expertise and a customer focused strategy, our team will provide personalized assistance for all of your recycling needs
#. We will pursue a course of environmental stewardship by integrating sound practices into all of your recycling solutions
#. At Crangon Holding BV, we pride ourselves on developing long term relationships and profitable results with both our suppliers and our consumers.

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