Enlightenment is not just one state

The mission of We are is to redefine the Scrap Metal Industry to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities by being the industry leader in safety and environmental compliance, by building lasting customer relationships, by fostering professional growth for our employees, and by sharing our success with the community.

  • We are committed to meeting customer requirements.
  • We are committed to continual improvement.
  • We are committed to the prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health.
  • We are committed to comply with applicable legal and other requirements relative to the environmental and occupational health and safety aspects of our business.
  • We are committed to providing a framework for setting and reviewing quality, environmental, health and safety objectives and targets.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement achieved through monitoring of objectives and targets and rigorous evaluation of our management system.
  • We are committed to communicating and reinforcing this policy throughout our company, as well as, to our customers, our suppliers and to the public.
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