Our main services

Strength & Strong links

We performs a trading-logistics brokerage service for a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap,OCC Waste Paper Etc.We act as a trusted intermediary(Broker) between scrap Supplier, processing plants, dealers or brokers.

When buying or selling recycled metals, you want to deal with professionals; people with the experience, the track record, and the right contacts. People who deliver reliability and keep their promises every time.


*.Serious professional approach, guaranteeing safety
*.Long-standing experience in recycling (not only metals!)
*.Deep knowledge and competence of the sector
*.Assure financial security and stability
*.We can find the right Supplier for a specific product.
*.We can match your exact requirements
*.We guarantee prompt response and service

achieving your goals

*We are specialised in taking the headaches out of customer solvency issues
and of payment certainty in general – while guaranteeing availability of resources
overall service quality.
*We offer an exclusive level of reliability by matching these contacts with our own
solid financial standing to allow us to guarantee payments.
*Also,ones our buyer order is confirmed,they will visit our supplier yard for inspection before shipping.
*We therefore act as the key player in creating and smoothing all financial operations.


Sorting scrap adds value to your materials piece-by-piece

Scrap sorting is one of the quickest ways you can boost the value of your scrap materials. Trouble is, if you’re trying to run a business or manage a construction project, you may not have the time or manpower to sort the scrap in an effective, efficient manner. That’s where ​Crangon Holding BV can help.

We have all of the skill necessary to sort through the largest mountains of scrap metal, identifying types and quality along the way to ensure you’ll get the right material for your company. 

It’s easy to talk to an our representative about what scrap sorting can do for your construction, recycling company. Just contact us through our website, email or phone for more services.